Agile CRM – Is it Worth It?


UPDATE: For those using WordPress, Agile CRM does have a plugin that makes the popup integration plug and play . Somehow I missed that when reading through the documentation. This puts them back in good standing with me;) Now I’m off to try out some advanced autoresponder and segmentation campaigns.

As promised, here’s a post on my experience with Agile CRM’s Popup feature. Well, how do I put this? It ain’t user friendly! And definitely not plug and play. Seems this feature of Agile CRM is not for the faint of heart or anyone that doesn’t have the moxy to get into WordPress core files (using a child theme, of course). Lucky for me, I do have the moxy and did get the thing to work. See my test page here. I have it set for exit intent so go ahead and try to leave the page. You’ll see the popup. That little box in the low right is also an optional part of the popup feature.

Here’s the skinny on what’s involved to get a popup to appear on your page and have that contact added to your Agile CRM contact list:

  • You need to create a new Web Rule
  • Choose the Action “Popup Modal”
  • Choose from one of their prebuilt templates or add your own custom html
  • Decide where on your page to display the popup – center, right bottom, left bottom
  • Decide when to show the popup – immediately, after scrolling, after a certain amount of time, etc.
  • You can add multiple actions, making this really powerful – add or remove a tag, add contact to or remove them from a campaign, add or subtract a lead score
  • Finally Save

Now you might think you’re finished and the popup automagically appears on your page. Not so fast, Sparky. Hang on to your hat because it now gets tricky. Fortunately, Agile CRM supplies an 8 minute video walking you through the weeds. This works for any type of website, static html, WordPress or otherwise. I use WordPress so will limit my experience to that.

  • The first clue that you’re getting into coder territory is the direction to visit their GitHub page. For the uninitiated, GitHub is the universal water cooler for all things code. It’s not for mere mortals. If you’ve got the moxy to follow the steps on GitHub you’re half way home.
  • Now for the fun part – add tracking code to your WordPress theme file. Ouch! This is the dangerous part. This could bring your whole site down – Poof! This requires adding code to your footer.php file. If you’re not using a child theme or don’t know what one is STOP AND TURN AROUND! Find a WordPress coder to do the dirty deed.
  • If you get this far, you’re done. Your popup will now automagically appear on your site as expected. Congrats on being brave because this stuff isn’t fun and it’s a really advanced convoluted process.

I’m surprised Agile CRM hasn’t made this feature more plug and play. It really makes the whole application a lot less appealing. I couldn’t recommend this to anyone that is not an advanced WordPress user or is code savvy. I have a demo scheduled with them Monday so maybe an easier solution is on their roadmap.

Does this hiccup make me want to stop using Agile CRM. No, not for me. I’m able to jump through these hoops and get it working. It took me about 30 minutes. The advanced capabilities of starting email marketing campaigns, adding and removing segmentation tags, adding or subtracting lead scores are features found only in really expensive CRMs. So for me the hassle is worth it.

Remember, I’m doing all this with the free version. And as everyone knows, free is always in the budget.


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